Wireless Technology Has Changed The World

It’s the little things” is an oft said phrase when people experience something wonderful in their lives that anything but grand gestures. From the teenager offering to empty the dishwasher, two lovebirds cuddling on a branch to the clear level of thought gone into the stamp on the envelop that carries the letter from a friend.

Wireless technology is so common in homes and businesses now that we tend to forget about it. Wirelessly printing, wirelessly accessing the internet from our computers, the wireless mouse and keyboard. It might seem like one of “the little things” given that it’s invisible but by no means has it had a little affect on the world.

Digital Liquor Dispenser

A company in Denmark recognized there was a gap in the wireless market, specifically the beverage industry market. They specialize in bar management systems and go by the name Provargo. The have revolutionized the liquor dispenser units by making them not only digital, but wireless.

They have taken the beauty that wireless technology has to offer and made it into beautiful units for controlling the number of pours and amounts of each pour from liquor and wine bottles to beer kegs.

The digital portion of the wireless liquor dispenser units, or the Provargo V4 Digipour spout, provides control over exact measurements for each pour. At the touch of a button, the spout will release no more or less than permitted, e.g. 20ml, 25ml or 30ml.

Wireless Digital Liquor Dispenser

This smart spout then gathers information such as how much was poured, when, where and by whom and wirelessly sends it to a transceiver, also designed by Provargo. The transceiver then wirelessly sends that data to its own system user-friendly database, the Provargo ProCloud, the ProCloud App and the point-of-sales (POS) system.

Did I mention all of this was done wirelessly? Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that.

On a busy night, these transceivers are receiving data from multiple sources and sending data to multiple locations. Data received from wine and liquor bottle units, data from wall rack units, data from beer flow counting units. Data sent to the ProCloud system, ProCloud App, POS system and the wall rack. That is an enormous amount of information to handle over 4-6 hours of peak time on a Saturday night. That information then needs to be organized and categorized into ways that you, the user of the ProCloud database, can understand, customize and generate reports.

So, before you hit the “print” button from your computer to that wirelessly connected printer, before you hit “send” on that email from your smartphone of tablet, take the time to thank the invention of wireless technology. You use a great deal more than you think so it deserves a little recognition a lot more often.