crossbow string


Ever wonder if your crossbow is somehow like your favorite guitar- has the need to periodically change its strings and fine tune the sound quality? Well everybody can just ask an old grandpa how to replace a broken string to a guitar but to a crossbow, It is going to be different story.
The modern Crossbow Guide available in the market is already easy to use. It has its string already attached into it and there is no need for buyers to worry in assembling it, (it isn’t like legos that you systematically put piece per piece) but unfortunately crossbow strings also has a limited lifespan, its strength and vigor will approximately last only after firing an arrow worth 200-600 bolts, depending on the quality of the string, the manufacturer who created it and how well you take care of your crossbow and its strings.
If the string starts to surrender then you should prepare yourself and replace the string on your crossbow.
Here below are the steps on how to replace a string into a crossbow:
There are five easy steps in attaching new strings to your old mate crossbow.
Note: please provide a crossbow stringer for yourself as it will ensure the accuracy and safety for both the bow and the owner.

Step 1:
Attach one of the edge of your replacement crossbow string unto one of the limbs of the crossbow, (please do make sure that it is tight and securely placed at the tip), this is just the easy part.
Step 2:
Get a hold of your crossbow stringer and attach it to both ends of the crossbow limb. By this time you should see one actual string attach to one side and both ends of the stringer attached to both sides of the crossbow.
Step 3:
This step will start by positioning the crossbow in a ready to fire position (cock) by putting your foot in the stirrup then pulling the stringer till it is fully latched.
Note: please take extra pre caution in pulling the stringer because the actual string is still at loose, you don’t want to entangle and pull in the strings accidentally as it hangs over the crossbow limbs, make sure it is visible and away from your feet as you pull the stringer.

Step 4:
Get the unattached end of the actual strings and carefully place it through the loop of the empty side of the limb with the stringer, after doing so, slide the loose end of your string and attach it to the tip of the crossbow limbs. After this, the string and stringer will surely be firmly attached to both ends of your crossbow limbs.

Step 5:
Disarm the crossbow by either firing an arrow to a target or by manually removing it with your hands. The stringer will easily fall off from one tip of the limb but the other tip will require more force and effort as it is already attached to the firmly placed new string. If it’s too difficult to detach the stringer then you may use a screwdriver in slowly and slightly loosening the strings to remove the stringer placed beneath it.

The next time that your strings are slowly moving out of the picture, do not fret, follow these simple steps above and you will be alright.