Developing an Adolescent Friendly Health Service

This report is the first major document, which has arisen through the work of the National Conjoint Child Health Committee, and follows on from the report, ‘Best Health for Children’.

‘Best Health for Children’ looked at the health of children up to twelve years of age, particularly in relation to the promotion of positive health through supporting families and the provision of high quality screening and developmental checks. Valuable though this was, it presented only part of the picture, and there was an obvious need to commission a next phase, a review of the issues that related to the health of adolescents and young adults in Ireland. This was also highlighted in the recently published National Children’s Strategy.

It was clear from the outset that this review would need to be different from the first. The issues were more complex, and there had been to date very little attention given to the area of adolescent health. For any review to be successful it would be essential to try and engage with young people themselves. Therefore the involvement of young people, particularly in relation to the key theme of developing an adolescent friendly health service, is a major strength of this report.

To their credit, the members of the Adolescent Health Sub-Committee who contributed to this report were not put off by the daunting size of the task they were assigned. Given a very tight timetable, they put in a huge amount of effort, which reflected their strong commitment to improving the health of young people in Ireland. It was particularly gratifying that people working outside of the health services, but who were very much involved with working with young people in other areas, saw the potential of this project for improving health in its broadest sense.

The report sets a very challenging agenda for the health services and for other agencies that have an influence on the health and wellbeing of young people. It also demonstrates the potential for conjoint working by Health Boards in partnership with other agencies.

The report is designed to be a working tool that can offer guidance, information and direction, but ultimately its success will depend on a commitment to implementation.

I would like to thank all those who contributed or commented on the report during its development. Thanks are due to the Best Health for Children Team, with a special mention for Celia Keenaghan who acted as project manager for the report, and did much of the work involved in pulling together the excellent work undertaken by the Working Groups. More details feel free to visit us if you’re planning to Buy Codeine online.