inflatable hot tubs with seats

Most inflatable hot tubs do not come with seats thus making it easy to move it in and around your home or take it with you anywhere you want, for those who may be unaware, most models of inflatable hot tubs have a cushioned bottom compared to the molded seats from portable hot tubs, this makes your experience really comfortable even if you decide to spend all day in your inflatable hot tub center.

Also, inflatable hot tubs were designed to have no seats in them not only to make it easier for you to move your hot tub around but also for comfort, you can have more people join you without compromising space; although it may depend on the size of the people you will be asking to join you. This also makes maintenance a lot easier thus making it last longer.
However, if you’d like to add a little more leverage to your inflatable hot tub, especially if you have kids, you may purchase seats or cushions in stores or online.
Below are the kinds of seats you may want for your inflatable hot tub, where to find them and how much they cost:

Intex Spa Seat: $24, available at Walmart, both online and at their physical stores. Slip resistant and adjustable for your comfort. Intex has also made this spa seat removable so you can bring it with you the same way you’d like to bring your own inflatable hot tub. Its contoured shape allows maximum comfort.

Life Spa and Hot Tub Booster Seat : £9.98, a brand from Europe, this cushion is made up of heat resistant material and has suction cups to prevent the seat from floating to the surface and leaving your hot tub. It’s best to put the booster seat first in your hot tub then fill it up with water using a garden hose, this makes the seat taut with water thus having no “air” at all, some even put glass marbles in them so they would stay in place.

The Water Brick Spa Cushion: $39, heavy duty and made of heat resistant material, it’s attractive design makes it a really comfortable booster seat for everyone. This popular brand is a favorite for many consumers, it stays in place and doesn’t move around when you or your children sit on it, the material doesn’t wear out even if you’ve left it submerged in your hot tub overnight.

Spa- Hot Tub Booster Seat: $17, get the right leverage in your inflatable hot tub with the help of this booster seat! The comfortable and attractive design is sure to win everyone’s heart. Similar to the Life Spa booster seat, it is recommended to fill it with water inside the hot tub so this doesn’t float up and stays in place.

Most of these seats are sold separately, and may cost you a few extra dollars, however, it does help a lot especially to those who are having trouble staying afloat in their hot tubs, whether it’s a built in or inflatable hot tub.
However, keep in mind that while there are cheap alternatives to these seats, we do not recommend that you buy them as they may become more of a nuisance rather than actually helping you.