What is Yoni Massage

Osaki 400What is Yoni Massage, Yoni Massage and if this is an act of moral degradation? The synthesis below will help you better understand this new terminology.
What is Yoni Massage?
In ancient Sanskrit, Yoni means female genitalia. Another meaning of Yoni is “sacred space” or “goddess”. That means the Yoni massage is a woman’s secret massage. Most in demand today that everyone have tried is the top rated massage chairs that will relaxed the body.

Yoni Massage is a moral degradation act?
As one of the du.c therapy is considered the best , Yoni massage is the way he makes his own wealth and his woman feeling uplifted in blanket pillow talk. However, when returning to Vietnam, massage Yoni becomes a type of massage”Closed”, became an act regarded by many people as moral degradation. Currently, in the city of massage Yoni becomes a profession of earning a lot of “magic finger” (this type of massage is mainly used to bring the woman to the top). Not many places to receive “training” massage Yoni professional attract many gentlemen. Learners because they want to innovate in the couple’s sex, the learner for wanting to have a left hand profession … Also since the appearance, this type of massage has caused much controversy over the issue of moral marriage, Because many gentlemen accept his wife to go … massage Yoni, even have fierce supporters. For many women, finding Yoni massage is a way to help them reduce stress, dispel the sadness of sex with the inability to love her husband … In a certain aspect.

How to massage Yoni like?
If you would like to learn how to massage professional Yoni, the steps below will be a way to make a simple and effective Yoni massage, help your married couple as well as your sex with the “other half” improved.
Use your hands to help her less tired by rubbing on her shoulders, neck and body. For an effective start, you should ask her to relax and breathe evenly. How long does this step take?
Next step, put your hand on her “Yoni”, then observe her breath. With this step, you need to perform gently. Use her hand stroking her “Yoni” from the bottom slowly. Then use two fingers to caress her sensitive area from the bottom up. For her easy to sublimate, use your fingers to circle around “Yoni”, not directly stimulated.
What most women find so irritating is that it stimulates her “Amazon forest”. Use two fingers to lightly pluck a feather in her closed area, observing how she feels to continue or stop.

Use two fingers or both hands to squeeze and open the area of ​​her “Yoni”.
Stroked from the bottom up with three fingers, middle finger glides up, slightly inserted inside “Yoni”, while the index finger and index finger move on both sides “Yoni”. This is a “pearl” approach to “Yoni”. Gently rub and click each position every hour around the edge of the “pearl”. You can change the speed and intensity of light to suit her. Continuing to stimulate her “Yoni” with various lightweight moves. Respect her wishes and ask if she wants to go to the top. If yes, please continue the final milestone. No, stop hand and gently place your hand on yoni and her left breast, relax. Maybe many people do not know, the main goal of osaki os4000 is for women a tribute and respect in their soul and person. If the insiders themselves are beyond the ordinary pleasure and are not distracted as they are now, perhaps this is one of the cures in the love life.